Maavni Designs: Aiming to provide a platform to Odisha’s local artisans’ handicrafts

Maavni Designs, founded by Smaranika Mohapatra in 2019, focuses on providing recognition to Odisha’s handicrafts through online mediums. Maavni Designs was established in Bhubaneshwar, promoting handicrafts across India. The founder, Smaranika Mohapatra, always adored handicrafts. After working for a decade in the IT sector, she returned to her hometown and set up a business platform to work for the handicrafts segment. Maavni currently has 11 team members and a total of 25 members, which also includes the subcontract-based artisans too. The term Maavni is made of two words, meaning Ma-mother and Avni-earth.

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The company’s artisans create custom handicrafts and sell them online through their eCommerce site. They even promote their products through Instagram and Youtube. Initially, they started with home decor, but as their inventiveness grew, they extended to include garments and accessories. According to Smaranika, Maavni has its own line of items, which can be purchased online,
and Users can request personalization, such as product color changes and customized options. Providing customers with customizing features makes them unique in the market.

Most of their artisans work from home, and some are even appointed as full-time employees. Altogether, Maavni is aiming to guarantee that indigenous craftspeople in Odisha have a steady wage.

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Maavni promotes itself as a manufacturer as well as an online retailer. It produces handicrafts in-house and sells them via its own online platform. They provide their products across India through courier services.

The founder mentioned the significant setback faced by artisans due to COVID-19, and several artisans approached Maavni during that time to promote their products. Through its online platform, the business joined with other artisans to market their unsold crafts.


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