What’s Up Wellness determined to make health supplements fun and acceptable among people

In the competitive environment, people are ignoring their health. People are so busy and stressed that keeping up with their health and diet has become next to impossible. Already struggling to make decisions, they opt for easy options that make them feel good and are time-saving. This sometimes also leads to an unhealthy lifestyle and becomes a problem later, knowing the fact that nowadays youngsters are moving to a different city for work and study and not able to prioritize their health and well-being.

Somewhere with the same storyline, Sayantani Mandal and Vaibhav Makhija struggled to keep up their daily schedule and health aligned in a different city. They used to work in a D2C Company, where Vaibhav was involved in managing products and ads, email marketing, and CRM. In contrast, Sayantani was engaged in marketing, branding, social media, and content department. During the Pandemic, they also lost their job, and while staying away from their home to build a career for more than a decade made them realize that they were too preoccupied with their work to eat nutritious foods and maintain their health. They noticed that they were not alone in this vicious cycle. Like them, many young people who live away from home do not have enough time to eat nutritious and timely meals, resulting in nutritional deficiencies and health problems later.

They started their own startup this year in April in Kolkata named What’s Up Wellness,’ aiming to make wellness a priority and fun in people’s life. They want to contribute to build a healthy community and instill a sense of mindfulness in people’s daily lives. By introducing gummies, they want to make sure that people can enjoy them regularly and stay healthy too. Their product, What’s Up Beauty Gummies, helps in getting healthy and better skin, nails, and hair. These gummies come in flavors and contain ingredients like Grape Seeds, Aloe Vera, Zinc, Folic Acid, Biotin, and essential Vitamins to gain good skin, hair, and nails and also as a remedy for lack of nourishment. Their products are approved by FSSAI and are gluten-free and completely vegan. This can be consumed by anyone above 18.

Their earlier research found out that people spend a lot of money separately on products like Shampoos, conditioners, creams, masks, etc., and often don’t even get the expected result. But most of the time, they lack internally with low nutritional values because of which people most of the time end up spending a lot on different products to get results. As people are still reluctant to try health supplements regularly. The founders want to break the stereotypes and make it familiar and enjoyable among people who would consume the gummies without any hesitation. So that’s how they came up with the company’s name, as they wanted it to sound fancy and cool and so chose What’s Up Wellness.

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They divided the work; Vaibhav looks after the digital growth and logistics part, whereas Sayantani looks after product development. They intend to expand their product line beyond the beauty segment in the future. Through these gummies, they believe that people will look forward to consuming them regularly, prioritizing their health, and making it easy to consume with taste. With an initial investment of around Rs 25 lakh, the firm initially bootstrapped. After meeting its revenue targets, the company plans to seek outside capital. They have their website and are also available at different online platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, and planning to come on Nykaa.

According to Vaibhav, he believes that through What’s Up Wellness, they will be able to focus on today’s health-related problems and want to deliver the best among the people. They want their products to be tasty and good enough that people can trust and make part of their day.


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