Elon Musk’s Starlink Satellite Internet Per-Booking started in India, Operational in 2022

Starlink, a constellation-based satellite Internet service provider, has started its pre-booking in India. Currently, it is in the beta testing phase, expected to launch its operations in India by the next year, although the company has not declared the date yet.

Just like existing providers of satellite internet like HughesNet or ViaSat, Starlink wants to sell internet access all over the world.

SpaceX opens Starlink satellite internet pre-orders to the public

Starlink is Elon Musk’s ambitious superfast venture, which is operated by SpaceX (an Aerospace company owned by Elon Musk). As per Musk, the Starlink project will cover “most of the Earth” by the end of 2021.

It is a low latency, high-speed broadband internet system provided by interconnected satellites to meet the needs of consumers across the globe. 

The Starlink satellites beam down the internet to Earth from positions that are more than 60 times closer than traditional satellites, leading to a low latency period, the company says. And now, this high-speed Internet venture is stepping into India.

How much does it Cost?

In India, you have to pay a deposit of US $99, which is Approx. INR Rs. 7,240. To pre-book your Starlink Broadband. Orders will be fulfilled on a first-come, first-serve basis, and the amount paid is refundable, which gives customers a chance to step-back their decision in the future stage.

SpaceX's Starlink accepting $99 preorders as Musk considers IPO

As per the sources, most major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and others seem to be covered. But to know the exact coverage details and to know whether your address is covered or not, you can search it over Starlink’s website by entering your postal address to see if you can pre-book now or not.

If you are eligible, you have to fill in your basic service details and book your slot online. All the debit and credit card payment options are available at the portal for payment solution.

Where does it begin?

The development of that network began in 2015. Two prototype test fight satellites were launched in February 2018 as a part of the SpaceX project (Technically, Starlink is a division within SpaceX).

Since then, “SpaceX has deployed over 1,000 Starlink satellites into orbit across more than 20 successful launches. In January, for its first Starlink mission of 2021, SpaceX launched 60 satellites into orbit from Kennedy Space Center using the landable, relaunchable Falcon 9 orbital rocket. After that, four more launches in February brought the total number of satellites launched up above 1,300″.

Currently, Starlink is providing its services in Northwest US, the adjacent part of Canada, and some parts of the UK and serving more than 10,000 customers with an internet speed ranging between 50 Mbps and 150 Mbps, with latency between 20 ms to 40 ms. As per the company.

As per the report, users in the US, Canada, and the UK get a Starlink kit for US $499, which includes everything you need to get online, including your Starlink, WiFi router, power supply, cables, and mounting tripod as per the Starlink Website. 

The speed would be doubled to reach 300 Mbps, with the latency being reduced to 20 ms by the end of 2021. The ultimate goal of Starlink is to have a 12,000-satellite network that would provide a speed of 1 Gbps in the future.

The company’s vision is not only delivering high-speed internet to urban areas but also in rural and remote areas where current broadband services usually fail to reach.  


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