On a Mission: TeachMint with a year of success, planning to go global

Shifting of regular activities from offline to online, we saw the traditional methods changing in the time of the pandemic. The world was trying to develop solutions that could help them make their rituals easy to follow. Everything was turning online, from grocery to medical services and appointments to keep the market active for services that also involved basic requirements. One segment was of education which got drastically affected during this time. So many people and institutions went online to provide education, depending upon the online tools to stay in touch with their education in the world of distancing. Edtech industry got a massive push because of the urgency and even developed their platforms to make it accessible according to requirements. Many startups experienced a rise and significant transformation because of people and institutions going digital to seek solutions. Among these startups was the Bengaluru-based startup Teachmint, established in 2020 by IIT alumnus Mihir Gupta, Payoj Jain, Divyansh Bordia, and Anshuman Kumar. Initially, Teachmint was an offline coaching institute. But with the changing situation, they became an online platform. Their main aim was to create a convenient platform for teachers and tutors to operate without any hassle at a single platform. They figured out the root causes faced by teachers and students through different platforms’ experiences. So they created a simple Android version that could be downloaded and can be used to send class links and allow appointing assignments, maintaining attendance, helping to provide study materials in one place—realizing the fact that platforms like Zoom and Google Meet do provide platforms to have conversations or to organize classes but still lack with other features that Teachmint was successful in delivering.

EdTech Platform TeachMint bags $16.5 Mn in Series A led by Learn Capital -  Asia Tech Journal

Through Teachmint, the four masterminds improved the multi-user experience, which helped them gain success in just one year. They were getting an overwhelming response and experienced the reach of their creation going viral. Within few days, they got hundreds of teachers and students on board. As many still prefer or can operate through phone, they launched the app that is feasible to use by phone initially. Later in the same year, they launched their web version in July and now can also be used through iOS devices. As Teachmint base is entirely set up in India, the four were aware of the on-ground difficulties and developed it with features that suit primarily focused users. They provide ten regional languages with the option of English to customize their experience and to operate the platform accordingly. Mihir mentioned in an interview that Teachmint is the only video conferencing app available in India to provide video features and instructions in 11 different languages. They, with time, expanded their course offerings by making Teachmint accessible to thousands of teachers. In an interview with Entrepreneur India, Teachmint co-founder and chief executive Mihir Gupta shared that they now have around 1 million teachers using their platform and are currently present in over 5,000+ cities. Their startup is experiencing growth every month. He even mentioned millions of classes conducted with the use of Teachmint.

Teachmint is Planning to Foray Overseas with the Freshly Raised Funds

The company has already in a year successfully completed four different rounds of Investment. They received $16.5 million in the Series A round in May 2021 through Learn Capital and CM Ventures, Lightspeed, and Better Capital. Following July, they raised $20 million in a Pre-Series B round through Learn Capital and CM Ventures. Also, the founders have tried to keep the platform’s basic features freely accessible and are planning to add more features that will be paid options and require a subscription to access those additional features. With such growth, Teachmint has a plan also to have a B2B relationship with institutes.

One of their investors, Learn Capital partner, Vinit Sukhija, praised their company’s vision, teamwork, and dedication to providing India’s best online teaching experience. He even mentioned that Teachmint had become India’s leading online teaching platform, and their company is glad to be their partner.

Indian online teaching platform Teachmint raises $16.5 million | TechCrunch

With such a growth in a year, Teachmint is now planning to go global. In an article published by Entrepreneur India, Mihir Gupta explained their company’s motive.
“We strongly believe that empowering teachers is critical to increasing the penetration of education, which is key to progress and development. And what teachers need is access to infrastructure that helps them digitize, break geographical barriers and significantly transform learning outcomes in their students. To solve this, we have built our own proprietary classroom technology in the form of a teaching platform to give teachers a simple and intuitive way of teaching online without dealing with fragmented and complex digital tools.” He also added that they want to democratize online education worldwide and plan to launch their platform in global geographies soon.


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